Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sketchy Robot?

Sketchy Robot is a robot with nine different artist personalities who would like to draw your photos

Where can I see his drawings?

Check out the Gallery section on this website, visit the Telegram channel, or find him in the real world.

Can I have my own photos drawn?

Visit Sketchy Robot on Telegram to interact with Sketchy Robot and have your own photos drawn

Is my drawing a genuine Sketchy Drawing?

You can send a picture of your drawing to to have it checked for authentizity.

What does the number on my drawing mean?

Each NFT or physical drawing has a number like 2021-0012. The first part is the year the picture was drawn, the second part is the number of the image drawn that year. 2021-0012 is the 12th picture drawn in 2021. Digital drawings created for Telegram are numbered as Artist Proofs (e.g. "2021-AP")

What is a NFT/Non-Fungible Token?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. This is a digital file whose unique ownership is tracked on a blockchain. Unlike normal digital files, NFTs are unique and cannot be copied. NFTs can be used to make digital art a tradable asset. NFTs are not without critics, in particular there are concerns around the carbon emitted per NFT transaction. Click here to learn more about NFTs.